Can numerous carnivorous plants live in the same pot?

Answer On One Hand: Carnivorous Plants Can CoexistMost carnivorous plants have similar biological requirements because they often come from a warm and wet environment. If the planting pot is placed in thi... Read More »

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What do carnivorous plants eat?

Carnivorous plants living in water will eat mosquito larvae, fish fry, daphnia, rotifers (fresh water zooplankton) and other protozoans. Land carnivorous plants will eat insects, arachnids, and sma... Read More »

Do carnivorous plants eat animals?

Some carnivorous plants, such as the Asian pitcher, can eat small animals, according to National Geographic. However, most carnivorous plants only eat insects and animals that accidentally fall int... Read More »

How to Raise Carnivorous Plants?

Are your Venus Flytraps or other carnivorous plants dying? Here's a quick guide to keep those little things happy and hungry (along with a lot of other carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants, su... Read More »

The Classification of Carnivorous Plants?

Although the Venus flytrap has held the spotlight in American nurseries for its carnivorous capacities, there are actually hundreds of species of insectivorous flora. They fall into 17 genera, thou... Read More »