Can nonresident aliens get social security numbers?

Answer As of 2007, non-resident aliens of the United States with certain types of visas (such as the J-1, H1-B, or F1) are eligible for social security numbers. Persons holding other visa types who are re... Read More »

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How many numbers are on a Social Security card for a nonresident?

Nonresident Social Security numbers have the same number of digits as the Social Security numbers of residents. The Social Security number has nine digits. However, not all nonresidents qualify for... Read More »

Do illegal aliens get social security benefits?

No, people residing in the United States illegally do not receive Social Security benefits, according to the Social Security Administration. In some instances, a non-citizen may qualify for benefit... Read More »

Can non-resident aliens get a Social Security number?

Whether or not a non-resident alien can acquire a U.S. Social Security number depends on her visa status. Certain types of non-resident aliens do not qualify for a Social Security number, such as t... Read More »

Do illegal aliens receive social security benefits?

Illegal aliens cannot receive benefits from social security or any government program except for emergency medical care, emergency disaster relief, some immunizations, community programs such as so... Read More »