Can non-custodial parents see there kids if homeless?

Answer Unfortunately it is up to judicial discretion. In a case where someone is homeless, "supervised visitation" can take place, but is typically at at courthouse, police station, or other unhealthy atm... Read More »

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Can the non custodial parent get counseling for the child without the custodial parents permission?

Can a custodial parent stop the non custodial parents visitation if they are behind on child support?

No. Visitation and child support are 2 separate issues and changing any of the court orders you have to go back to the court that issued them. There might be good reasons why a parent can not pay a... Read More »

Who has custody of a child when the parents are not married and there is not a custodial order from the court?

Answer The law presumes that an unmarried woman has sole custody of a child born out of wedlock until/unless a court rules otherwise.

What if non custodial parent does not bring kids home when asked to by custodial parent?

This depends on whether this is during the normal scheduled access rights period, or after. The custodial parent has no right to interfere with the normal access period. Any period of time in exces... Read More »