Can new chicks be put in with mature laying hens?

Answer New chicks should not be placed with mature chickens right away. In order to ensure that the chicks remain healthy, they should be placed separately from other chickens for a minimum of 30 days.Sou... Read More »

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When to put my chicks with my hens?

Only when they're the same size. If they're smaller, the older hens will abuse them.

Do hens&chicks bloom?

The hen and chicks plant (sempervivum tectorum) is a favorite among gardeners of all ages and skill levels. These easy to grow plants are fun and rewarding.HardinessSempervivum tectorum, the scient... Read More »

How to Feed Laying Hens?

Laying hens need appropriate feed to lay good, strong, large eggs and be healthy, here's what should be fed.

How to Promote Egg Laying in Hens?

Here is how we take care of our chickens at home, to receive healthy organic eggs. Built the coop from recycled fence panels. It's keep low maintenance. The chickens fertilize the garden also & hel... Read More »