Can neck position aggravate sciatica?

Answer There is no explicit evidence demonstrating the impact neck position may have on pre-existing sciatica. Poor posture--slouching--has, however, been shown to increase pressure on the lower back. A s... Read More »

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Would this aggravate you?

i would be one mad hen!sounds to me like they are just a team of monkeys trying to do a real job and have no idea how to do it.

Can cheese aggravate acne?

On One Hand: There May Links Between Dairy and AcneSome doctors, such as Dr. F.William Danby of the Dartmouth Medical School, believe that dairy rich foods, including cheese, possess a strong link ... Read More »

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Can sit-ups and/or crunches aggravate an inguinal hernia?

yes. i,ve had hernias. it takes a surgical fix to eliminate them. i,m working thru how to handle post surgery ab exercises as we "speak". i may never do a crunch again, but i will do something for... Read More »