Can natural gas cars use propane?

Answer On One Hand: Natural Gas is a Mixture of Various GasesFuel companies extract natural gas, also called compressed natural gas (CNG), from deep below the Earth's surface. It contains a mixture of gas... Read More »

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Is natural gas the same as propane?

Natural gas and propane are not the same. Natural gas is a mixture of several types of gases, the primary one being methane. Propane is one of the gases found in natural gas and is a gas form of li... Read More »

Can you use propane on a natural gas grill?

Propane can be used on a natural gas grill if you buy and use a conversion kit. All gas grills are made to operate on a single type of gas, unless you convert the system. A conversion kit usually... Read More »

Natural Gas Vs. Propane Prices?

Natural gas consists of several naturally-occurring gasses like methane. Propane comes from natural gas. When put under pressure, it liquefies. This makes it easy to transport to homes and business... Read More »

Propane gas log fireplace to natural gas?

Use the fule type that is most convient to you. Some people don't have natural gas service so they opt for LP, or due to the cost of running the gas line, the put a refillable tank close the fp out... Read More »