Can my wife keep my children away from me when we don't have a custody agreement?

Answer Yes, she can. You would have to get a court order. Otherwise, you could try to reach an agreement where the children can come visit--best without coercion in terms of support and in response to her... Read More »

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If your wife moves to another state while you are trying to establish custody of the children during a divorce will she give up custody rights?

Answer Both parents need to be mature about this and realize the children have feelings as well. To the children you two are just "mom and dad." Many couples are angry, frustrated and sometimes ... Read More »

Can your ex-wife who is not the mother of your children get custody of one of your children?

Answer Not in my world, but, in liberal America, its possible.The courts bend over backward to place custody that "is in the best interests of the children." Normally, placement with a natural per... Read More »

How far away can your ex-wife move if you have joint custody but the children live with her?

Answer Since you have joint custody you would have to go to court if she chose to even move to another town several hundred miles away and if she decided to move to another State or country, she wo... Read More »

Can your ex-wife who has primary custody of your children have a live in boyfriend in Louisiana?

Answer yes she canThe state does have existing laws that forbid cohabitation of non married individuals.Therefore the non custodial parent could file a complaint with social services or preferably... Read More »