Can my wages be garnished in tennessee for a credit debt that i haven't paid?

Answer If a court in Tennessee issues a judgment in favor of the credit issuer to which the unpaid debt is owed, up to 25 percent of your wages can be garnished to settle the debt. Additionally, an intere... Read More »

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Maximum Wages That Can Be Garnished in Tennessee?

The Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) is a federal law that restricts the amount of a wages a creditor can garnish. The law represents the minimum consumer protections that exist for debtors in... Read More »

Can my wages be garnished for my husband's debt?

On One Hand: Creditors Can Go After You.Marriage is a partnership, and each of you is liable for any debts incurred during the marriage, according to BCS Alliance, a credit and debt solutions websi... Read More »

Can wages be garnished through a prepaid credit card?

A creditor cannot garnish wages through a prepaid credit card. For a creditor or collection agency to garnish wages for an unpaid debt, they must file a lawsuit against you, win the case and receiv... Read More »

Can a person's wages or bank account be garnished for credit cards?

On One Hand: Garnishment Is PossibleYour wages or bank accounts can be garnished for delinquent credit card debt. Garnishment is a legal remedy authorized by a court. Credit card companies are requ... Read More »