Can my toe still be broken?

Answer Go to the doctor and have a X-ray

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My broken foot still hurts?

Dont worry!!!Its all due to weaken muscles due to injury. Just try natural remedy like turmeric powder in milk while sleeping.It will improve ur immunity as well as decreases ur pain.Try to avoid p... Read More »

Will Tomatoes Still Grow If a Section of the Upper Stalk Gets Broken Off?

There's no better-tasting tomato than one you've grown yourself. Yet growing them has its challenges. Tomato plants are easily damaged in high winds or while being pruned or trained. Broken stalks ... Read More »

Is there a way i can still rock climb even with a broken ankle (in cast)?

How do you turn off the loud speaker on a Pyrus 4GB MP3...It still plays when the ear buds are plugged in. Is it broken?

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