Can my straight talk phone be tapped?

Answer No, your straight talk phone CANNOT be tapped.Because you purchase and use a straight talk card in order to talk, text, or surf the web, it is the same as a "burn phone." Burn phones or throw away ... Read More »

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Can you use your current straight talk sim card in a new straight talk phone?

Yes, Siri is. Well, at least the makers have. There are some very cool YouTube videos about Siri!

Can you use as straight talk sims card in a new straight talk phone?

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How to Use Straight Talk on My Own Phone?

Straight Talk is a cell phone service that offers you unlimited talk and text for a flat fee every month. There is no contract, and each month you simply choose to renew your plan by paying for ano... Read More »

Straight talk phone cards?…if you get this and hook it up to a phone you can use this..then hook up Google voice to it and your good to go. (easy to do)Google voice as you know its ... Read More »