Can my sister get a second joint mortgage?

Answer On One Hand: Only Homeowners QualifySomeone not listed on the deed will not qualify for a joint second mortgage, or home equity loan, which allows homeowners to borrow money using the remaining hom... Read More »

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What is a joint mortgage?

A joint mortgage is a home loan, backed by property, given to more than one party dependent upon on their criteria jointly, rather than singularly. A joint mortgage often goes to married couples,... Read More »

How to Change a Joint Mortgage?

Often when a couple divorces, they face the problem of changing their joint mortgage to reflect the separation. If one spouse will be retaining the house, he will want to remove the other from the ... Read More »

Joint Mortgage Agreement?

A joint mortgage lists more than one borrower on the mortgage contract. Typically, these loans are issued to individuals with a relationship, such as married couples. By using a joint mortgage, the... Read More »

How to Split Up a Joint Mortgage?

Mortgage loans are often jointly owned. These home loans are often quite costly and long term, and require a strong dual income to support the mortgage payment. In many cases, the two signers on th... Read More »