Can my printer scan documents into word/PDF format?

Answer Yes there is software and it's totally FREE and works better than those you pay for. Scan your image and save in a jpeg format.Download the FreeOCR from this link. Install it. Open your image. Clic... Read More »

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How can I get my HP 5510 (fax, scan, printer) to scan documents since upgrading to MS Vista?

I found updated drivers for Vista.Here's the link:…Also, this link is for Vista 32 bit. If you are have Vista 64 bit let me know and I'll get you the link... Read More »

How do I Scan Documents in a Format to Edit?

For some applications, the scanning process is automatic. You put the paper in, you push the scan button and everything just happens automatically. However, if you are trying to get your scanner to... Read More »

How do I scan documents with an HP printer?

Setting UpMake sure that the power cable on the back side of the HP printer is plugged in to a power source and that the printer is connected to a computer via USB cable (provided with printers). T... Read More »

My Printer won't let me scan documents through wifi?

Here are sites that will help you with your Cannon Printer...… this site will help with re... Read More »