Can my period be late on Birth Control (Ortho Cyclen) need help ASAP!!!?

Answer As long as you were taking your birth control pills everyday while you were having sex you shouldn't be pregnant.but if you missed a few days than I would defiantly go buy a pregnancy test to be ce... Read More »

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Period on Birth Control (Ortho Cyclen) help ASAP!!?

Your body when it is put on birth control has to adjust to hormone level changes caused by the BC. You should start during the last week of pills. I personally do not like Ortho Tricyclen because i... Read More »

Late period or possible pregnancy after stopping birth control ortho cyclen a month ago?

Ortho Cyclen stops working after you miss only two days of your pills. If you haven't taken your pills for a month, you are definitely able to get pregnant. If you haven't been sexually active, t... Read More »

My period is almost two weeks late HELP ASAP!?

Jen, Are you sure of ur safe period? You counted the days between ur periods 1/2 would be ur Fertile period, the day before and the day after I wouldn't have sex that whole week just to be sure, wi... Read More »

If you are a teenager and used birth control when you had sex why would your period be late?

Answer When you're a teenager your body and your periods are still adjusting and regulating itself, and usually it doesn't regulate itself until adulthood. It maybe a chemical thing, so if you're ... Read More »