Can my parents take a blood test in the UK?

Answer They will have to pay if they are not UK residents, private tests are around £100

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Do i have to take normal blood test for checking whether i am HIV Positive or there is a different test for it?

The only way to find out if you have HIV is to get an HIV test. HIV can not be diagnosed by any testing other than a test specifically designed to detect HIV antibodies. You need to request the te... Read More »

If you are 16 can you get a blood test for free without your parents knowing in Missouri to find out if you are pregnant?

Yes, you can go to a planned parenthood clinic, but don't bother. Just go to a pharmacy where you're not known (one across town or in another town) and get a couple standard urine pregnancy tests. ... Read More »

What is the best blood test to take for thyroid?

TSH is the most common test but you should know there is controversy as to what the "normal" range is for TSH. A TSH of less than .5 is considered hyperthyroid, and a TSH of more than 5.5 is consi... Read More »

Do you think it is dangerous to take a blood test when you are fasting?

Normally the doctor tells you not to eat or drink anything (except water) 12 hours before your blood test. This is how you will get accurate results. They don't take enough blood out for you to f... Read More »