Can my older sister and mother put my child up for adoption?

Answer No they can't! If you want to be really sure ask a lawyer.

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Can you sue your sister for adoption of her child if she is an unfit mother?

Could a biological mother regain custody rights of a child she gave up for adoption if the mother claimed she was mentally ill at the time?

i don,t know if state laws are different, but in my state if the father is alive he has to waive his parental rights if he has any. or if you can't get him to do that and you atleast want her lastn... Read More »

Can an unmarried father get primary physical custody of the child if the mother hid the child from her family and said he was put up for adoption and also took him to a hotel to meet with a guy?

Answer You will have to see a lawyer on this one and get the proof that everything you stated is true or it's classified as "heresay evidence" (her word against yours.) If she can be declared an u... Read More »

Party Ideas for the Adoption of an Older Child?

Adopting a child is an important event in any family's life. The day that the child arrives in your home is a day to celebrate. Your family and this child are starting a new life together, and you ... Read More »