Can my mother dispute my revocation of power of attorney?

Answer If you willingly gave your mother power of attorney and she was not assigned by the court, you can legally revoke that power of attorney. Submit the correct paperwork and be found of sound mind and... Read More »

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Revocation of a General Power of Attorney?

A general power of attorney is a document where a person appoints an attorney-in-fact to act on her behalf in all situations. For example, the named agent may enter into a contract under the signe... Read More »

Power of Attorney Revocation Document?

The power of attorney is a legally binding document in which authority is designated to a certain trusted individual (agent), usually a relative, friend or business associate, to make certain kinds... Read More »

How do I file a revocation of power of attorney?

Granting someone power of attorney gives that individual or entity the ability to act on your behalf in legal matters such as in tax court or in the filing of taxes. Although you may at some time g... Read More »

How to Become My Mother's Power of Attorney?

Being your mother's power of attorney allows you to legally act for her in various financial matters, like bank account and real estate transactions. You must have a signed power of attorney docume... Read More »