Can my local plumber or contractor install the bathtub?

Answer On One Hand: Local Plumbers or Contractors are OK To UseMake sure that the local plumber or contractor that you hire is reputable, licensed and insured. If the person meets these criteria, you shou... Read More »

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We'r planning to replace our sewer tank can any one suggest me best plumber contractor?

Contact an excavater you will need a backhoe for this job

How to Find a Local Plumber (USA)?

Finding a local plumber near you is made easier by the web.

Local flooring contractor looking for effective ways to advertise to get flooring customers?

As I just found out the hard way - Minwax Polyshade is NOT RECOMMENDED for floors. My 'expert' at the hardware didn't mention this when he recommended it for my hardwood floors. The manufacturer ... Read More »

Is Drano / Liquid Plumber truly bad for your pipes If so how does one unclog them without calling a plumber?

There is an excellent product on the market called "One-Second Plumber" or something like that, and it involves inverting the product into the drain and pushing, and the force from the can contents... Read More »