Can my landlord refuse the delivery of my USPS mail?

Answer Obstruction of the United States mail is a federal offense. You have a legal right to receive your mail as delivered at your place of residence, which is covered under sections 1701-1705 of the Uni... Read More »

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Usps status out for delivery or available at p.o box?

Chances are your item was received at the local Post Office after the local mail delivery trucks left the post office with that days mail. You should receive your item or a notice the next delivery... Read More »

USPS Delivery Policies?

The United State Postal Service is responsible for delivering mail to 150 million homes, businesses and post offices. With a total of over 584 million pieces processed daily, comprehensive delivery... Read More »

USPS package says out for delivery but didn't come. Why?

You say that it is out for delivery THIS morning, I presume this morning is today, Friday.. It may come by a separate mail delivery person other than the normal mail. It depends upon how your loca... Read More »

Can a landlord refuse to accept your rent in West Virginia?

A landlord must accept rent from the tenant, provided the tenant is abiding by the terms of the lease. If there is no lease, or the lease is expired, it is at the landlord's discretion whether to c... Read More »