Can my landlord discuss my rental application?

Answer There aren't any specific rules for landlords regarding rental applications. Though you do waive your right to privacy for the purpose of the application and for the landlord's knowledge, it does n... Read More »

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What are my options for breaking a rental lease Are the conditions set by my landlord?

You can break your lease with 2 months written notice, and you will not be obligated to pay for the remainder of the lease. But you will forfeit your security. I have done this a couple of times...... Read More »

Is a Residential Rental Renewal Lease Valid Without Landlord Signature?

A lease is a binding contract between a landlord and tenant that gives the tenant the right to occupy property in exchange for rent payments. The lease lists each party's rights and responsibilitie... Read More »

How to Deny a Rental Application?

Landlords and lease management companies may deny a rental application from a prospective tenant for a variety of reasons, such as insufficient or unverifiable rental history; insufficient or poor ... Read More »

How do you locate a rental property management office with a problem the landlord won't resolve?