Can my health insurance company cancel my policy?

Answer Health insurance policies can be canceled if the applicant was untruthful in the application. This means that if the applicant lied about previous conditions or failed to mention them, the policy c... Read More »

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How do I cancel a COBRA health insurance policy?

Contact Your Plan AdministratorContact your health insurance company's plan administrator. This information can be retrieved from the COBRA material that was mailed to you. Call the plan administra... Read More »

Can an auto insurance company cancel your policy after reviewing your credit report?

Answer They usually can't cancel a policy due to credit. The rates can go WAY up though!

I have an indiviual policy with an insurance company I can purchase a group policy through my employer Its with the same insurance company Can I use both policies?

Answer Two different policies (different policy ID numbers) should mean you should not have to pay anything out of pocket. The primary will pick up 80% (in most cases), and the secondary should pic... Read More »

Can a person cancel an auto insurance policy at any time from the date the policy is effective?