Can my family doctor prescribe birth control pills?

Answer Your family doctor is qualified to prescribe birth control pills, whether he performs your gynecological exams or not. However, the doctor may recommend or insist that you see an OB/GYN in the futu... Read More »

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Will the doctor prescribe me weight loss pills or something?

The success rate of diet pills is very low and often there are side effects. It is highly unlikely that a doctor would prescribe diet pills at your young age.Perhaps you could try The Great Austra... Read More »

Can a family practice doctor prescribe antidepressants?

A family practice doctor can prescribe antidepressants to a patient. However, in cases of serious mental illness, a general practitioner may turn that aspect of your personal health over to a psych... Read More »

Can pediatricians prescribe birth control?

Pediatricians have the knowledge and ability to offer many services traditionally provided by a gynecologist, including prescribing birth control and performing pelvic and breast exams. A girl shou... Read More »

Differences in Birth Control Pills & Pills for Menopause?

Both birth control pills and pills for menopause, more commonly called hormone replacement therapy (HRT), contain progesterone and/or estrogen. The difference lies in the amount and type of hormone... Read More »