Can my employer pay me less than the others in my same job?

Answer Employers can pay employees different amounts depending on factors such as experience, length of employment, certifications and educational background. However, employers who pay employees differen... Read More »

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Can an employer pay less than minimum wage?

An employer cannot pay less than the minimum wage unless he does not engage in any interstate commerce and earns less than $500,000 per year. However, the Fair Standards Labor Act, which defines mi... Read More »

How to Cope With Being Less Smart Than Others?

While you may feel that your so far behind everyone, while you're behind your desk hoping not to be called on, your not alone! So read on!

Why are some anti-biotics are used less frequently than others?

Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria and that isn't always a good thing. To be as short as possible for you - the medication is used to match the bug it kills. Like a fly fisherman attemptin... Read More »

Can an employer change insurance companies in the middle of the year and give the employees less than 2 weeks notice?

%REPLIES% Answer Employers usually change their insurance on their renewal date which is anytime of the year. Yours may just have happened to be in the middle of the year. They do not have to giv... Read More »