Can my employer make me pay out of pocket to rent a car to travel for work in CA without being paid back?

Answer No! As long as you can get back and forth to work on time, it should be none of his business.

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Can your employer not bring you back after short term disability paid for maternity leave?

Your short term disability benefits, and any employment decisions are unrelated to one another. An insurance carrier pays your benefit. Your employer may be bound by FMLA rules and regulations if ... Read More »

How many hours of work are required in order to have health insurance paid by the employer?

Answer Generally 30, it's up to the employer.  For more info. see the links.

Can an Employer Make You Work Seven Days a Week?

The Fair Labor Standards Act allows U.S. employers to require adult employees to work any hours and any shifts, including a seven-day workweek. Under federal labor law, employers can sanction or fi... Read More »

Can an Employer Make Me Work for a Salary With No Time Off in Florida?

The Fair Labor Standards Act regulates wages and overtime. It offers an important distinction between non-exempt and exempt employees. Depending on your classification, you may be entitled to paid ... Read More »