Can my digital camera double as a webcam?

Answer Some cameras have the function to act as a webcam, but others don't. Advanced and brand name cameras usually can't as a webcam, but cheaper and smaller cameras tend to have the webcam function. So ... Read More »

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Would my video camera double as a webcam?

I've used mine for that, but then I have video input capabilities on my video card. I'm pretty sure you can access it throught the USB line as well. Never could get rid of the words that appear o... Read More »

Can a digital camera be used as a webcam?

It depends on the manufacturer and the software you have on your 'puter. I have a digi camera that doubles quite nicely as a webcam, but another that wouldn't do it. Try and see. If not, webcams ar... Read More »

Can I use my digital camera as a webcam?

Nope, but a decent webcam won't cost more than $20

What is the difference between digital camera and webcam?

A digital camera is a portable camera that runs on batteries and usually has a slot for a memory card to save pictures and videos to. They generally have better image quality, presently ranging fro... Read More »