Can my dentist get sued for this?

Answer Well they don't actually use Novacaine anymore, they use a local anesthetic called 'Lidocaine' which is essentially the same thing. If you were allergic, it's something you MUST tell them before th... Read More »

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Should partial dentures hurt and fit this badly Could the dentist be sued or asked for a refund?

All partials take time for the person to get adjusted. Often it takes 4-8 weeks to becoem fully adjustedAll teeth are slightly forward compared to usual--particularly in the front. This is done t... Read More »

I have Limewire and i hear you can get sued, how can i use limewire and not get sued by the RIAA?

Dont listen to that pile of old cobblers!

Can my dentist do this to me?

Report him to American Dental Society, report him to OSHA, report him to local town/city codes department, health department, your doctor, lawyer . Report him, report him, report him.

Should I ask the dentist about this?

Yes call or go to the dentist before it get's worse.