Can my dentist do this to me?

Answer Report him to American Dental Society, report him to OSHA, report him to local town/city codes department, health department, your doctor, lawyer . Report him, report him, report him.

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Can my dentist get sued for this?

Well they don't actually use Novacaine anymore, they use a local anesthetic called 'Lidocaine' which is essentially the same thing. If you were allergic, it's something you MUST tell them before th... Read More »


Whoa! It sounds like your dentist doesn't have much dental experience. You are more than welcome to switch dentists, if you keep getting fillings that have no purpose. Dislocating your jaw sounds r... Read More »

Should I ask the dentist about this?

Yes call or go to the dentist before it get's worse.

What is this dentist tool?

You don't have to worry about the "blue light". That is what we use to cure a tooth colored filling and bond. It is in your mouth when the composite (tooth colored) filling is being cured. The... Read More »