Can my computer play blu ray dvds?

Answer You cannot play Blu-ray disc without Blu-ray drive. Or you can rip Blu-ray to common video format on your friends' computer which has Blu-ray drive and put the ripped file to your PC. You can try t... Read More »

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Can blu-ray dvds play on the computer?

No. Blu-Ray discs will only play on Blu-Ray players and PlayStation 3.

How do i play hd dvds on a computer?

Install an optical drive that reads HD DVDs. HD DVD lost the format war and so there are not many HD-only DVD players. But there are optical drives that play Blu Ray and HD DVDs. Open your computer... Read More »

Can I play DVDs on my computer?

On One Hand: Computers Love DVDsAccording to the website DVDDemystified, virtually all PCs and Apple computers sold today have the ability to play DVD movies. Software needed to watch your discs co... Read More »

How do I play DVDs on a computer?

Open any DVD player available in your computer. Windows PCs come with Windows Media Player and Macs have DVD Player. There are other free players available for both operating systems, as well, such... Read More »