Can my computer handle this new graphics card?

Answer The 640 takes less power than your older 8800GTS, so you should be fine.

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Will this graphics card handle all of my needs?

yes you will get an average 30 fps on ultra settings

How many displays can my graphics card handle?

I'm looking for a graphics card that will handle BF3 and the new MoHWF smoothly on max settings?

Anything from Nvidia GTX 570 and up will run those two games on max settings @1080p, given that the rest of your computer is up to date. GTX 560 might do it, but I have no experience there :)I pers... Read More »

Is a computer that uses on-board graphics compatible with a graphics card?

Not sure what you mean by compatible. The on-board graphics in many cases does not work well in cross-firing even when it is designed to do so, and adds very little to performance and instead adds ... Read More »