Can my civil service money be taken by debt collectors?

Answer A debt collector may sue you, obtain a judgment against you and garnish your paychecks---regardless of the fact that you are a civil servant. Civil service retirement benefits, however, are exempt ... Read More »

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Can debt collectors take money from my bank account?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, debt collectors can take money from a consumer's bank account only after a lawsuit is filed and the bank account is specifically targeted and garnished.So... Read More »

How to Make Debt Collectors Mad?

There are many ways to make a debt collector mad when they’re trying to collect on a debt. However, the best thing to do when you’re faced with a debt that has gone into collections is to keep ... Read More »

How to Stop Debt Collectors?

Now more than ever, debt collection is a booming business. A weak economy in conjunction with a housing market bust has left thousands, if not millions of people over their heads in debt. This has ... Read More »

The Legal Rights on Debt Collectors in California?

Even if you owe a doctor, bank or school a lot of money, federal and California laws protect you against unfair debt practices. In 1977, California officials passed the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collecti... Read More »