Can my children get a tapeworm from my puppy?

Answer On One Hand: Puppies Can Infect ChildrenChildren can become infected with tapeworms from puppies. There are many varieties of the tapeworm. The one that is transmitted from puppies to people is cal... Read More »

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Tapeworm in a Puppy?

Tapeworm infections are just one of the many parasitic infestations puppy owners can face. Though hard to differentiate from other parasites, tapeworms have the ability to cause severe malnutrition... Read More »

Puppy Tapeworm Treatment?

Tapeworms are just one of the many parasites that can affect a puppy. Tapeworms generally do not cause any physical symptoms on a puppy; in fact, most owners suspect an infection only when they see... Read More »

Puppy Tapeworm Symptoms?

Nothing's more fun than a box of puppies. Wiggly, happy, cuddly--and very likely wormy. Tapeworms are common in young pups, who may pick them up from their mother if she has fleas. They can be eas... Read More »

How much children's Motrin can I give a 14 week old puppy?

On One Hand: Ibuprofen Reduces Fever and SwellingIbuprofen, the key ingredient in Children's Motrin, is effective as an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) in dogs. Ibuprofen relieves pain and... Read More »