Can my child name her child last name anything?

Answer In the US, yes.

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When there is no father listed on birth certificate can a mother change the last name of her child to the step parents last name?

Can a man sue a mother who gives her child the man's last name if the child is not his?

Answer Unless you have a very rare last name (not a Johnson, Smith, etc.) and she has not put your Christian name (first name) down on that certificate there is nothing you can do. If she has, the... Read More »

If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate and he was in another state can the teenage unwed mother give the child her stepdads last name in Michigan?

No. If the Bio father doesn't file the name change with you, you will have to give information so that he can be notified. That would include his name and his current or last known address (if you ... Read More »

If a child does not have the fathers last name does the father still pay child support?

Yes. The child does not need to be named after the father for him to be obliged to pay child support. He needs to be the biological father, that's all. Child support obligations arise from being th... Read More »