Can my cam corder be a web cam?

Answer I don't see why notconnect your camera up via Firewire and select rec. If you open up messenger, it should show up there.…Canon website was not that helpf... Read More »

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Which cam corder to get?

We have a Sony handicam and love it. It uses a CD so there is no converting or down loading. Good luck and God Bless!

How do i connect my cam corder to my pc?

I just call them a RCA to USB adapter ?Radio Shack about $12

Can you use a regular cam corder as a webcam?

about 256 depending on other settings like size.

Where can i get a cam corder for under $75.00?

www.craigslist.orgwww.pennysaverusa.comor try your local FRY's Electronics store!