Can my boss read my private (yahoo) email?

Answer Two part question:CAN he read your email, myYahoo,MySpace etc?andSHOULD he read your email, myYahoo,MySpace etc?The first part is easy enough to answer. There are several programs that allow I.T. M... Read More »

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How to Act When Others Find and Read Private Email?

We write email to others, and sometimes the contents are meant to be private. However, email often gets read by others who were not intended to, and can cause a great deal of trouble.

How to Check If Someone Read Your Email on Yahoo?

Yahoo email is a Web-based email service, which means that you log onto your Yahoo mail online and can do so from any computer with Internet access. With Web-based emails, most of the information i... Read More »

How to Read a Receipt in Yahoo Email?

One way to verify whether or not an email message is received is to generate a read receipt. By generating a read receipt request, when the email recipient opens your email message you will instant... Read More »

Does Yahoo! Mail allow you to see when an email was open& read?

Yahoo! Mail does not allow you to see exactly when the message was opened and read. If the message is not in bold text, however, it means it has been read or opened.References:Yahoo! Help: Getting ... Read More »