Can my boss monitor my activity on my work computer?

Answer Many companies use covert software to monitor employees habits, after all if you are chatting to friends on facebook etc you are not working, the company is after all paying you to work for them, c... Read More »

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I work from home somedays using a VPN client for internal access- can my boss track my computer activity?

of course they can track you...and why wouldn't they, it's their right to see what you are up too, they are paying you to work not look at porn. (An Honest days pay for an Honest days work) what ha... Read More »

How to Monitor Computer Activity?

Monitoring the activity that has taken place recently on your computer is a good strategy when you do not know the browsing and computing habits of your co-workers and family members. You can detec... Read More »

How to Monitor Computer User Activity?

Monitoring a computer user's activity may sound sneaky, but for a parent or employer, it's a logical step in security. Whether you're concerned about a child's Internet viewing habits or you are a ... Read More »

How to Monitor Kids' Computer Activity?

As your children get older, they may be spending more and more time on the computer. A computer can be a great resource for your child. However, misusing a computer can be detrimental to your child... Read More »