Can my Video Card Run an HD Monitor?

Answer yes it should deffinatly work and good idea i reakon get a switcher if your having dual monitors

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How to Sync a Video Card to a Monitor?

Computer monitors connect directly to the VGA connection port on the computer system. This connection port is part of the video card, internally installed on the desktop computer. In order to sync ... Read More »

Which Video Card is better for a HDTV Aquos 720 and VGA Monitor ?

Monitor video cable to graphics card question?

The cable screws are typically only threaded at the ends like this DVI cable for example (VGA cable plugs are similar BTW)-… the plug on the left shows t... Read More »

Can i use a HDMI cable to directly connect from my video card to my monitor?

Yes. It probably says that because it is from a time when few monitors had HDMI, only DVI, inputs.