Can my Micro ATX motherboard fit in my Full tower case?

Answer They usually have the mountings but best to physically look

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Can an ATX motherboard fit in a micro ATX case?

ATX motherboards will generally not fit in a micro-ATX case. Even if the ATX motherboard does physically fit in the case, the positioning for the mounting holes on the case will not match up with t... Read More »

Can you put a micro atx motherboard in a normal case?

Yes, you can put a micro ATX motherboard into a normal-sized ATX-compatible case. There is usually no issue with placing a smaller motherboard into a larger case. However, it would be difficult or ... Read More »

Micro atx motherboard no way to screw in heatsink, what to do (Long)?

ya I mean, to me it sounds like you have a mobo that doesn't have anything around the cpu pins for a fan or anything to go over. And that doesnt sound right. I mean ive seen it before but that w... Read More »

Full Tower Vs. Mid Tower?

The case is an important part of any computer system. It houses every computer component and bundles everything into a portable unit. Two popular case options are the full tower and mid tower. Each... Read More »