Can my ISP tell me what i've downloaded?

Answer some companies do monitor what you download but they wont' say exactly what you downloaded due to privacy of customers. but they might. I know Cox Communications if you have that company they will ... Read More »

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What was the very first mp3 you downloaded?

Fack by eminem. its more of a kiddy song but i like it. if u know kids who like music give em Fack

How do i find out what i last downloaded/installed?

in win7 go to control panel then programmes and sort by installed on date

What does spyware do once it is downloaded on the computer?

Spyware does many malicious and annoying things. It can change an Internet browser's home page, steal personal information, record visited websites, produce pop-up ads, change system files, utilize... Read More »

What firmware is needed to play downloaded psp games?

Firmware for the Sony PSP is a type of system upgrade that introduces the latest patches and features. While firmware is needed to operate the PSP, illegally downloaded games will not work on firmw... Read More »