Can my Hitachi XL 1000 hard drive be fixed without formatting?

Answer You still need a way to connect it, to your laptop. Is it an IDE or a SATA?

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Does formatting a pen drive remove all the virus from it Also hard-drive?

the nature of virus is=> copying the virus to all drives frequentlywhn u formating the drive, yes it deletes the file but virus program paste a fresh copy in it as soon as just try to... Read More »

Can you put a Hitachi hard drive in a Dell laptop?

Yes, a Hitachi internal hard drive will work in a Dell laptop. Though, as with all hard drives, buyers must check the specifications before making a purchase because each individual model of Hitach... Read More »

Is hitachi hard dosk drive is good for pc?

I own one there not bad, however I prefer Western Digital.

Help with formatting external hard drive!!!?

You can first try Recuva but never used it for RAW you can download from or…or from other locations if you want to google it.If... Read More »