Can my 4yr old be sent home from school?

Answer Different schools have different policies they adhere to. However, I don’t see the merit of sending a 4 year old home from school for fighting. At this age, all children are self centered and hav... Read More »

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How to Get Sent Home from School?

Many Americans disregard the fact that school and their education is a privilege we take advantage of, but some days, well, you just need a break! So here are some fast and easy ways to get out of ... Read More »

6 year old sent home from school ill?

Although many have been tested and it has proved to be just the normal flu, it really is best to seek medical advise straight away!Apparently the difference with this type of flu is actually being ... Read More »

Have your children been sent home from school with an H1N1 consent form?

Yes my stepson brought one home and we signed it. I am a nurse and all the doctors I work for recommend getting it. I am also 30 weeks pregnant and I got it for myself. The truth is, the shot is ma... Read More »

How to Behave Yourself As an Adolescent Sent Away from Home?

While it is uncommon for parents to find it necessary to send their children away, it can happen, and for a variety of reasons (everything from a parent being called to active military service to f... Read More »