Can music be available for a phone and three ipod devices from the same library?

Answer That would be an Accelerometer.

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How do you put iPod music on to your iTunes library from the same computer?

AnswerYou press the menu button and the middle button (play/pause button) together till There is an apple icon shows up then you start all over where you left off.( P.S the iPod will not start all ... Read More »

You have an ipod 3rdG nano and an ipod shuffle how do you sync from the same itunes library?

Simple just plug them both into the same computer and click snyc

How do you download youtube music to your iPod or iPad music library from? < That site takes the video from Youtube and converts it into mp3. Then you can put it in iTunes and transfer them into your iDevice :)

How to Transfer Music From My iPod to a New iTunes Library?

Transferring music to a computer isn't a core iPod function, but it can be done. If you purchase a new computer, for example, you may need to transfer your music to a new iTunes library. It's impor... Read More »