Can music be available for a phone and three ipod devices from the same library?

Answer That would be an Accelerometer.

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How do you download youtube music to your iPod or iPad music library from? < That site takes the video from Youtube and converts it into mp3. Then you can put it in iTunes and transfer them into your iDevice :)

Is there a way to add music to my iPod touch 4th gen music library without iTunes and jailbreak?

I do not know about adding it to your music library, but you can download the app free music download in the app store and follow the instructions to get free music onto the app. Hope I help a little

On ipod how do you get sonds into the music library?

Answer Downlaod and install the latest version of iTunes from Install and open it. Plug your iPod in then you can choose to sync your entire library or choose some specific songs to put... Read More »

How to Transfer iPod Music to a Mac Library?

An iPod is designed to use the iTunes program on a Mac to sync music to it. Music on an iPod cannot be returned to the iTunes library that is on the Mac's hard drive because the OS X operating syst... Read More »