Can muffins be baked in a cake pan?

Answer You can bake muffin batter safely and effectively in a cake pan. For the best results, bake the muffin batter in a cake pan at the same temperature the recipe calls for but add about 10 minutes to ... Read More »

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How long do freshly baked muffins last?

You can eat them at least for 2-3 more days.

Would you rather have a home baked cake or a store bought cake for your birthday?

All depends on who is doing the baking. I know several people who would make that cake come out with the consistency of a hockey puck;)

Can a sheet cake be baked in a regular cake pan?

The batter for a sheet cake can be baked in a regular, or round, cake pan. You may need to adjust your recipe, however, as sheet cake recipes may produce more batter than you need to fill two stand... Read More »

What was the last cake YOU baked?

i have made sweets in 2 occasions recently. one was today. today is Ratha Yathra. and that is the appearance of Lord Jaganath. most bittersweet and auspicious. it was right on time too. as i ... Read More »