Can muck from the bottom of a pond be used as fertilizer or planting soil?

Answer Silt is always rich in nutrients use it as layers on your compost heap.

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In bulb planting instructions, it says "planting depth: plant crown level with surrounding soil"?

the crown is the top of the will dig a hole deep enough to bury the bulb but shallow enough so that the top of the bulb is level w/ the soil but not covered by it.

I'm a first time p-patch participant. Does the soil already have fertilizer or do I need to use fertilizer?

Topsoil has some fertilizer already in it but it doesn't hurt to enrich it. Miracle grow moisture control (keeps the soil moist so you don't have to water as much) and potting soil has plant food i... Read More »

Is lawn fertilizer poisonous to pond fish?

Lawn fertilizers with a high content of phosphorous can create problems in the pond, including algae blooms and low oxygen saturation, which can kill fish. The City of Lincoln, Nebraska Watershed M... Read More »

Soil for Planting Vegetables?

Soil needs to be prepared for the planting of vegetables, and some soils are more aptly suited for the growth of most vegetables. Not all vegetables have the same growth characteristics or soil req... Read More »