Can mp3 or wma format songs be put on an ipod?

Answer mp3 formatted songs can be played on an ipod, however, wma cannot since it is a proprietary format owned by Microsoft. wma files can be converted to mp3 or aac formatted files in iTunes. To do so, ... Read More »

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How do I convert iPod songs to the MP3 format?

Create PlaylistCreate a new playlist. Drag and drop up to 80 minutes of songs from your library to the new playlist. Click on the playlist in the left column of the iTunes window and look at the bo... Read More »

How to Convert iPod Songs to the MP3 Format?

The iPod is a popular portable media player that stores music files in the M4A format. This format is almost exclusively used for the iPod and the adjoining iTunes application. If you want to conve... Read More »

How many songs do you have stored on your iPod Does anyone know how many songs an iPod 4G Clickwheel holds?

You havent stated whether you have a Nano or Classic, the size of it and your average song size.Ipod Classic 4G 20GB - ~5000 songs40GB ~ 10000 songsIpod Nano 4G8GB ~ 2000 Songs16GB ~ 4000 SongsBase... Read More »

How can I add songs to an Ipod Nano that already had songs on it with out erasing the contents of the ipod.?

hi marleyfu! u need to have the "manage music and videos manually" option selected in itunes - try this:1. open itunes then plug ur ipod into ur computer.2. once u plug ur ipod into ur computer, it... Read More »