Can mouthwash interfere with a alcohol test?

Answer Your mom is crazy.

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What Is the Content of Alcohol in Mouthwash?

Many leading brands of mouthwash contain alcohol, and finding out the exact content of alcohol in your mouthwash can help you understand the risks if you drink it. Finding out the exact alcohol con... Read More »

Do you like to use a mouthwash that does not have the burning sensation of alcohol?

How to Make Alcohol-Free Mouthwash?

Do you find mouthwashes that contain alcohol to be too strong? Would you like your children to swish, but the painful burning of many commercial mouthwashes sends them running? By making alcohol-fr... Read More »

"Would you think that someone who drinks mouthwash, even only once, for the alcohol content had a problem..?

If purely for the alcohol content then yes...I think the have some issues.I drank it once...I had a severely inflamed throat that was so painful that I could not eat and barely drank for about 4 da... Read More »