Can mountin dew really rot your teeth?

Answer any soda pop can rot your teeth

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Do Teeth Gap Teeth Effect Bands really work even for really big gaps and will the gap return if you have a piece of skin between your teeth that people usually have cut in surgery?

I am going to try teeth band effect but I just left my dentist yesterday and she informed me my only way to close my gap is through an orthodontist to get braces or invisalign. I had braces because... Read More »

Is Mountain Dew Really That Bad For Your Teeth?

chief hope not, mountain dew only thing he like made by the white man

How do you make your teeth really white?

Baking soda and Peroxide are two of the main ingredients in most whitening products.Instead of wetting your tooth brush with water, use peroxide. sprinkle some baking soda on the tooth brush, and t... Read More »

Does smoking really stain your teeth?