Can mothers give breast milk to their husbands?

Answer Answer Yes. But most Americans think it's gross to do so.

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So California is trying to pass a Law that Breast Feeding Mothers get paid breaks to pump breast milk. Opinion?

No, I don't think they should get "paid" breaks. I think extra breaks for a breast feeding mother to pump are fine if she requests it but I don't agree with paid breaks. How many would she need? I ... Read More »

Can you adopt your husbands kids without their mothers consent if she does not have custody but has parental rights in California?

Anyone is capable to adopt, all they need to be able to do is take care of the child. If the facility does not think that the way you live meets the standards for a child, they will not be able to ... Read More »

Why do sisters mostly get along with their sisters' husbands and will be glad to see their sisters happy with their husbands but same sisters mostly trouble their brothers' wives and jealous of them?

The generalization implied in this question is over broad. While some sisters may be jealous of their brothers' wives others are not and get along with them very well. People get jealous for many r... Read More »

A Question To Mothers Who Breast Feed And to anyone else who wants to state their opinion?

I saw which question you're referring to and yes, sometimes people can be a bit harsh, but that's what this site is for...even annoying opinions...I'm so glad for women who breastfeed...that's grea... Read More »