Can moonshine fuel cars?

Answer On One Hand: It Is PossibleA car engine can run on moonshine, which is distilled corn mash, according to a 2006 CBS report on the subject. Brewers claim that this can save hundreds of dollars a yea... Read More »

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How is fuel for cars made?

Fuel for cars, called gasoline in the United States and petrol in Commonwealth countries, is made by refining and processing crude oil to produce a consistent product that guarantees a standard lev... Read More »

Cars That Can Run on E85 Fuel?

E85 refers to the percentage of ethanol that's present in the fuel being consumed. E85 means "ethanol 85 percent," meaning 85 percent of this fuel comes from ethanol; the remaining 15 percent is ga... Read More »

Is e85 fuel bad for normal cars?

It depends. Some vehicles are already equipped to use E85 fuel (flexible-fuel cars). More E85 fuel is required--by volume--than gasoline, so non-flexible-fuel engines need to be recalibrated. Ethan... Read More »

How can fuel efficiency of cars be improved?

With a growing concern over the price of gas and the environmental impact of oil use, many people are trying to find ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their cars or buy new cars with better fu... Read More »