Can money be transferred from a credit card?

Answer Many credit card companies offer consumers the option to transfer money from one credit card to another. However, keep in mind that every credit card company does not give this option.Source:Consum... Read More »

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How do I withdraw money from a credit card online?

Online WithdrawalsSet up online access for the credit card account the money will be withdrawn from if you don't have such access. Have the credit card and information on the account that will rece... Read More »

How do I withdraw money from an IRA to pay off credit card debt?

Calculate What You NeedCalculate how much you need either to pay off your credit cards or bring them down to a reasonable level. Remember that anything you pull out of the IRA will be added to you... Read More »

How to Transfer Money to a Credit Card From PayPal?

Transferring money out of a PayPal account is easy. Withdrawals are available through check and bank transfer. Because your credit card may be connected to your bank account, it logically follows t... Read More »

Can you Western Union money from a credit card transaction?

You can send money using a credit card through Western Union. The credit card must be a United States-issued bank card with a MasterCard or Visa logo showing on the card.References:Western Union: W... Read More »