Can mold&mildew get into your body?

Answer On One Hand: Mold Can Enter the BodyMold can enter the body through bad food, normal respiration in contaminated areas, or through the mouth or nose after being touched by a contaminated hand. This... Read More »

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How does the black death get into your body?

The usually way for the bacteria causing Black Death to get into a person's body was by being put there by a flea, as it bit. Sometimes, people got a form of the black death that spread through tin... Read More »

How to Turn Your Lotion Into Body Butter?

Body butter is generally thick and creamy and hydrates even very dry skin. You can make your own body butter at home using the lotion of your choice as a base. You will need cocoa and shea butters,... Read More »

Does your body really go into starvation mode if you don't eat enough calories?

What would happen if I put Vodka into an IV bag and injected it into my body?

You'd get real drunk without having to worry about gag reflexing while swallowing! Would probably have a huge headache in the morning still though.