Can missiles be destroyed after a launch?

Answer Missiles can be destroyed after a launch. The first time a ballistic missile was destroyed by an anti-missile missile in combat was in January 1991, when a Patriot air defense missile destroyed an ... Read More »

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Does the President of the United States have a 'red button' to launch Nuclear Missiles?

No, the President of the United States does not have a "red button" of any sort, in the Oval Office or elsewhere. Nuclear Missiles cannot be deployed from a direct command from the President; his c... Read More »

What happens to the launch pad after launch?

It is a little burnt but the launch pad is designed to take extreme heat and pressure created by the space shuttle. If it wasn't, they would have to make a new launch pad every launch and those thi... Read More »

Are lead acid batteries destroyed after a certain point?

A 12V lead acid battery should be charged at 13.5V with a little variation for temperature.Each cell in a battery is 2.25V, so with 6 x cells that's 13.5VA battery at 9V has it's cells at 1.5V, pre... Read More »

Why did laika die hours later after the launch?

Laika died within hours after launch from, possibly due to a failure of the central R-7 sustainer to separate from t... Read More »